How To: Make a card using the Cuttlebug "smoosh" technique

Make a card using the Cuttlebug "smoosh" technique

In order to make a Cuttlebug Smoosh Card, you will need the following materials: card stock (at least 3 different prints or colors), a ruler, distress tool, double sided tape or glue, distress ink, watermark stamp pad, decorative accessories, and scissors.

Cut 2 pieces of card stock: 3.5” x 2.25” and 3.25” x 2”. Distress the edges of the smaller one. Distress the smaller piece. Matte it on the larger piece.

Ink the watermark stamper. Stamp the paper that you’ve chosen as the base of your card. Adhere smaller card stock to a larger one, placing it in the center. Adhere decorative items to the cards.

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