How To: Make Any Picture Into a Magnet

Make Any Picture Into a Magnet

For this Project, You Will Need:

  • A picture (that you've printed, and drawn yourself)
  • $1-$2
  • A magnet
  • Super glue or plastic cement

Step 1 Create Your Picture

Print out or draw a picture you want to turn into a magnet.

Step 2 Laminate It  

Take your picture to your local office store. Usually, laminating costs $1 to $2 per 8.5" x 11" sheet.

Step 3 Cut Out Your Laminated Picture

Cut around your picture, being careful not to cut into the bubble in the laminate that's just on the edge of it.

Step 4 Glue a Magnet to Your Picture

At the craft store, you can get block, circle, or strip magnets. Adhere the magnet of your choice to the back of your picture with super glue or plastic cement.

Step 5 Let It Dry

Don't hang your magnet on the fridge until it's completely dry!

Step 6 Hang & Enjoy!

Once dry, your magnet is ready to hang on your fridge or give as a gift!

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