How To: Make a little chick using punches

Make a little chick using punches

In this how to video, you will learn how to create a little chick with punches. You will need a 1 3/4 circle punch, a 1 1/2 circle punch, a 1 1/2 circle scallop punch, and a small square punch. You will also need a pink and yellow material to cut from. Cut out one piece from the 1 3/4, one from the 1 1/2 circle, and two pieces from the 1 1/2 scallop circle. Take one piece of the scallop and take the 1 3/4 punch and punch the side out. Take the punched piece and place it on to of the other scallop to outline the piece that has been cut. This will act as a guide for the punch. Punch this piece to create the last of the two wings. To put the bird together, use the bigger circle for the head. Place adhesive tape on the head and place it on top of the smaller. Put adhesive on the front of the wings. Place the wings behind the body so that they stick out on the sides. Next, punch a small piece of pink material with the square punch. Cut it in half diagonally and place it off center in the head. Next, take a brown maker and draw the eyes in. Lastly, take the other piece of the pink material to complete the beak. Your little chick is complete.

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