How To: Make a stamped notepad cover

Make a stamped notepad cover

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make a stamped notepad cover. Put the note pad on the edge of a bigger sheet of paper, draw the outline and cut the paper along the lines. The paper should be longer than the notepad. Put the note pad on top of the paper aligned with one end and fold the other end of the paper. Remove the paper and crease it properly along the scoring lines. Depending on the theme you want for the cover, apply the required ink with sponge on the paper. Then put the masks on the paper and stamp the paper with the selected stamp as per the design. Wipe off the masks and remove them and your designed cover is ready. Now apply some adhesive to the inside of the cover on the folding part and stick it to the notepad and you are done!

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