How To: Make your own Journaling line stamp

Make your own Journaling line stamp

First of all you need an acrylic block, stamping pad, packet of rubber bands and a piece of paper. Open the rubber band packet and then you have to choose several rubber bands which are of same size. Now you have to get these rubber bands on your acrylic block. You can also use a wooden block or an old stamp instead of acrylic block. Now you have to sort out the rubber bands so that they are placed in order with a gap of around a quarter of an inch between each one. You also have to adjust these rubber bands so that they are flat and straight. Now when the whole block is covered by rubber bands then you have to place the stamping pad over the block so that all the rubber bands are covered by ink. Now take the white sheet of paper and then place the block over it. Press it hard so that the impression is imprinted on the paper. That’s it.

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