How To: Start a paper doll dress-up tin/purse project

Start a paper doll dress-up tin/purse project

The video describes the making of Paper doll dress up and a Tin Purse to put the dolls inside. You can use the cartridge paper but regular paper should do. She was sticking to the princess themes in this tutorial. The tin comes from provocraft but creative imaginations also offers one. Instead of purchasing a tin you can find a old tin purse maybe once for a over sized set of playing cards. There is a tab feature you can use on the dolls but which children the might come off. She suggests using small circle pieces of Velcro that are for craft projects. you can cut them or do whatever is necessary for the specific article you are trying to complete. She makes a standard doll out of paper and applies the Velcro to it in areas such as the head and torso so a piece of clothing would be able to be applied and taken of easily. You can use card stock and such things to elaborate on the dress and make it more creative. To create the book she cut 5 1/2 inch circles and took some off the edge to make place for a spiral to hold it in position. She created pockets and stitched along the edge to make it more sturdy. To make the men more sturdy she cut two of the dolls and glued them together. offers doll faces with different expressions to give the dolls more life. For more complicated outfits she simply used another doll and cut of the arms and head and glued the clothing on, put Velcro on the back and was ready to pit on a doll.

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