How To: Make a stained glass mirror

Make a stained glass mirror

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make a stained glass mirror. This video is from Artists Resource. You will need a Marabu GlasArt kit, some spirit, a china graph pencil, scissors, a ruler, masking tape, a container to mix your paint, an object to draw an oval shape, Marabu outliner paint, a mirror and peel off dolphin stickers. Take a few dolphin peel offs and stick them on the face of the mirror; on the edges, to form a design. Place the oval shape object in the center of the mirror and draw the outline with china graph pencil. Mix blue and green color and paint the dolphins with this color. Apply blue color to the background. Now peel off the stickers and apply the outliner paint on the outline of the dolphins. Do the outline of the oval shape also. You can add any other designs or colors of your choice. And your stained glass mirror is ready.

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