How To: Make an easy silk screen stencil tee shirt

Make an easy silk screen stencil tee shirt

This video by Wowzzydot shows us an easy way to silk screen/stencil a garment. Using either a t-shirt or baby onesie, you can decorate it in the style of our choice. She clearly tells you the supplies you will need, embroidery hoop,sheer fabric, such as a curtain panel, paint and stencil brushes, scissors, Mod Podge or any water solvable glue. Also textile paint or ink and of course, the garment to be decorated. The first step is to cut the sheer fabric about an inch larger around than the hoop and insert in tightly, pull and tightening several times. Choose your design from sources like the internet, pictures, any simple shape or design is recommended for beginners. Lay the fabric loaded hoop upside down on the image and trace the image onto the hooped fabric. Then holding the hoop upright so as not to stick to anything, take a brush and brush the Mod Podge around the outside of the image. Then, taking a smaller brush, fill in the detail of the image with Mod Podge. At this point the glue needs to dry for about 45 minutes. After it's dry take a piece of foam board and insert inside the garment. This way the front and back of the t-shirt or onesie stays separate. Now put the design down on the garment, and using the textile paint, paint it just as you would a stencil. Go over the design at least twice to make sure you get all the areas of the design covered. Lift the stencil, and your design is on the garment. This garment will need to dry for four hours. After that you can heat set it in the dryer. You can wash this garment after 72 hours. You can reuse your stencil many times, just be sure to wash the textile paint out it right away. That way it's ready to use again.

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