How To: Make Elmo and Cookie Monster with Stampin' Up punches

Make Elmo and Cookie Monster with Stampin' Up punches

This video will show viewers how to create Elmo and cookie monster using punches made from Stampin' Up stamp punches. In order to make these characters, you will need a blue and an red sculpt circle punch a smaller black circle punch, an orange and 4 white circle punch, and 4 smaller black circle punch. In order to make the cookie monster shape, take the large ruffled circle punch as the head, and cut the black circle in half, placing it on the bottom half of the circle. This will be the mouth. For the eyes, place one of the smaller black dots in each of the larger white ones and place them on the top half of the blue circle for the eyes. Finally, finish by cutting a small tan circle in half to place a cookie in his mouth. For Elmo, repeat the procedure with the mouth and the eyes, placing the small orange circle in between the mouth and the eyes to form the nose. By following these steps, you now have two cute Sesame Street characters made from Stampin' Up punches.

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